Year: 1976

Manufacturer: Bally

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Hokus Pokus Pinball Machine *

Classic electro-mechanical pinball action at its best!
Hokus Pokus has it all! This 2-Player Electro-Mechanical features several ways to rack up your bonus and has three spinners and two pop bumpers that really turn up the pinball action!

Acquired from a local home owner, this game has aged well for being 42 years old! From the cabinet, to the playfield and the backglass this game is in superb condition.

Since taking possession of this machine we have done a few minor touch-ups on the exterior of the cabinet and polished all the exterior metal to a high shine. The entire top side of the playfield has been disassembled and was fully cleaned and polished. Brand new bright white playfield posts installed through the playfield, new pop bumper caps as well as new bulbs, new rubber rings and new ball.

This game has been fully gone through by one of our expert electro-mechanical technicians and it is working great!

Looking for a solid classic electro-mechanical pinball machine! This is the one to own!!!

PLEASE NOTE: Hokus Pokus works great! We encourage any prospective buyer to please visit our store and see and play this game in person. However often times, electro-mechanical machines need to be adjusted after transport due to their age and nature. With that being said no warranty is offered with this machine.