Year: 1986

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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High Speed Pinball Machine *

One of the most memorable pinball machines of the mid 80’s. Run the red light and the police are in pursuit of you! Fast action, ramps, multi-ball, intense music and that memorable speech “Dispatch this is 504, suspect ran a red light, over”

High Speed is in nice condition, but does show light wear on the playfield as you would come to expect from a game that was VERY popular in the arcades back in the day. Please inspect the photos to see the overall condition of this machine. Cabinet has had a few blemishes professional touched up with color matched paint and there are a few, very small, flakes on the backglass. All in all this is still a very presentable High Speed that most anyone would be proud to own!

We have just fully completed shopping out this pinball machines playfield. We removed all components from the top side of the playfield and cleaned and polished the playing surface, ramps and posts. Brand new rubber rings installed as well as a new plastic set. All lamps have been upgraded with premium non-ghosting LED’s to give the game a clean, newer look! Chrome legs have been polished and new leg levelers and leg bolts installed.

All aspects of this game have been repaired and checked out by our technician staff. High Speed needs nothing except a corner in your gameroom and the challenge for you to take the High Score!

We warranty the electronic PCBs for 30 days. Simply return for free replacement or repair.

We don’t anticipate this game to last in our inventory very long. High Speed is a very sought after pinball machine! Hurry before it GETS-A-WAY!

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