Year: 1983

Manufacturer: Konami/Centuri

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Gyruss Arcade Game *

Classic arcade gaming at it’s finest….GYRUSS!

Released by Konami in 1983, Gyruss’ gameplay is similar to that of Galaga in a tube shooter format, with the player’s ship facing into the screen and able to move around the perimeter of an implicit circle. Stars come into view at the centre of the screen and fly outward, giving the impression of the player’s ship moving through space.

This game has been refurbished by our detailing team. A moderate amount of paint touch up has been done to the exterior of the cabinet to the best of our ability. In addition the factory original 19″ CRT monitor has been fully rebuilt with new capacitors throughout although it does exhibit some screen burn in which is typical for a monitor of this age.

Gyruss works great and includes our 30 day warranty on the electronics.