Year: 1958

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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Gusher Pinball Machine *

Highly collectible woodrail pinball machine by Williams.

Gusher is a single player electro-mechanical pinball with multiple ways to win replays and packed with features including stand up targets, pop bumpers, saucer hole, non popping bumpers, gobble hole and it’s most notable feature…the first ever “Disappearing Pop Bumper”. The disappearing pop bumper raises and lowers flush with the playfield depending upon the ball entering the top saucer shot.

This game has went through a lengthy restoration process from us and the results are amazing. You would be hard pressed to find a much nicer example of this game.

Restoration includes:
– Touched up cabinet as needed
– Powder coated flipper buttons, replay button, plunger, ball launcher and legs
– Brand new high quality reproduction backglass
– Brand new plastic set
– Coindoor repainted and all exterior metal components polished
– New chrome cigarette holder (not that you would use it on this gem)
– Exterior wood trim restained
– New pop bumper bodies, skirts and caps
– Playfield inserts re-leveled
– New flipper bats
– New instruction and replay cards

Playfield fully cleaned and polished to a high shine. New rubber rings and bulbs throughout. We have had our electro-mechanical (EM) technician with over 40 years experience working on pinball machines go through this machine with a fine tooth comb cleaning and adjusting this game for proper operation.