Year: 1979

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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Gorgar Pinball Machine *


Here it is the classic Williams pinball machine that was the first talking pinball machine  released and had a vocabulary of seven words. “ME GORGAR BEAT ME!”

In addition to the synthesized sound effects throughout gameplay, Gorgar features a heart beat background sound effect that gets faster the longer you play.

We recently took in this game in on consignment from a local collector. A few minor blemishes have been touched up on the cabinet. The original mirrored backglass is in excellent condition with very few blemishes. The playfield is in outstanding condition with very little wear and was completely torn down and thoroughly cleaned and polished. All new rubber rings were installed, new ball and all lamps throughout the machine were upgraded to color matching LED’s. The results look stunning. The LED’s look much cleaner than typical incandescent bulbs, they last longer and they consume less energy. In addition to being thoroughly cleaned, Gorgar has been upgraded to PinScore LED score displays, and a brand new CPU/Driver Board has been installed which uses a lithium battery now to save high scores as opposed to the often “leaky” AA batteries found on the original CPU board. Brand new legs, leg levelers and leg bolts have been installed and all exterior metal as been buffed and polished. All in all this is one amazing looking Gorgar that we feel most anyone would be proud to own in their home.

All functions have been thoroughly checked out by our pinball technician for proper operation and Gorgar plays great!

This pre-owned game includes our 30 day warranty covering the mechanical and electronic components of this pinball machine.

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