Year: 2021

Manufacturer: Fun Company

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Golden Tee 2021 (Home Edition) 32″ Monitor *

Brand new!

This innovative new design features a 32″ LCD monitor, which gives it a unique contemporary look. It will draw attention from everyone in the room the second they walk in.

This is the offline edition of Golden Tee LIVE. With the same stunning courses and cutting edge graphics as LIVE, this edition offers players a more laid back video golf experience without taking away the competitive factor that has made Golden Tee the barroom staple it is today.

Golden Tee 2021 offers players over 90+ spectacular 18-hole fantasy courses to choose from. A variety of game formats for casual, online and prize play keep players excited and engaged. Gorgeous hi-def game graphics, an amazing variety of customization options and the iconic trackball control make Golden Tee 2021 the undisputed leader in coin-operated video games.


New Enhancements in Golden Tee 2021:
Golden Tee’s First Ever Campaign Mode! 

  • Climb the ladder and become a Golden Tee Champion
  • Real Time Rivals Goes Online! Play with Your Virtual Golfer
  • Conquer Golf Legend John Daly

Events Mode Splashes Down on the Home Edition!

  • Compete in Custom Contests from Your Home
  • Bigger, Better Golden Tee World Championship Qualifiers

Freaky Friday Courses Debut in Casual Mode!

  • Play Custom, Popular Courses Anytime You Want
  • New Designs Released Throughout the Year


  • FIVE All-New, Spectacular Courses
  • PLUS, Two More Time-Released Courses
  • More Than 90 Courses in All!


  • MORE Club Sets
  • MORE Putters
  • MORE Customizables
  • MORE Clothing

Golden Tee Golf 2021  32″ Monitor Cabinet

Length: 34″
Width: 28″
Height: 60″
Weight: 190 lbs.


Want to go online and maximize your Golden Tee experience and compete in Online Tournaments? 
Golden Tee Online Subscription* (Optional)- $9.95 a month OR $99.95 a year upon purchase