Price: $1695

Manufacturer: WMS

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Gold Fish Video Slot Machine

Great looking and lots of fun, WMS GOLD FISH Video Slot Machine. There is so much to like about these slot machines that you can play these games for hours on end. With large jackpots, including great bonus games, you can win a lot of money.

This WMS Bluebird Video Slot Machine features BOSE stereo speakers and dual 19″ LCD Monitor as well as an illuminated Topper with dazzling chasing LED’s around it’s border.  Gold Fish features several different bonus rounds giving you many different ways to win credits. One way is if playing max bet per spin if one of the Fish on the top display jump down into the Fish Bowl on the lower display, it will trigger a random bonus round. Each colored fish enables a different bonus game of play such as Free Spins or Pick a Bubble for example. In addition to this there is a Fish Food Bonus game that is enabled if 3 or more Fish Food Jars show up on any of the paylines within a spin.  Play up to 25 Lines x 5 + 25 to Enable the Fish Bowl Bonus for maximum payout.

Board system: WMS Bluebird

Cabinet Style: Upright, Full Size

Cabinet Color: Oak Formica Cabinet with Chrome Trim.

Screen(s): 2 x 19″ LCD Monitors (Reels monitor is touchscreen)

Denomination: Multi denominational .01¢ per credit

Max Bet: 25 Lines, bet up to 5 x per line + 25 for Fish Bet Bonus (Max Bet 175 Credits per Spin)

Coinage: N/A

Ticket Printer: N/A

Bill Acceptor: JCM Bill Acceptor. Takes most all new USD Currency

Slot Machine is in great cosmetic condition and includes door key and reset key.

30 Day Warranty on the electronics of this pre-owned game.

NOTE: Purchase price does not include stand.