Year: 1990

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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FunHouse Pinball Machine *

“The game is watching you!”

Here it is….FUNHOUSE. The pinball machine you remember with the creepy mechanical talking head on the playfield, “Rudy”. The premise of FunHouse is that Rudy has come to life and taken over the carnival. The game’s playfield is Rudy’s lair, the funhouse of the carnival is painted with a wild color scheme dominated by reds, yellows and blues. An elaborate clock is painted in the middle of this playfield.

The object of the game is to put Rudy to sleep by scoring points to push the hands of this clock forward.

This is no mean feat, as the player has to deal with Rudy the entire game. In fact, his giant head sits at the back of the playfield, watching the game with roving eyes and taunting you with every shot you make.

That talking wooden mug taunts players when they make mistakes and gets angry when they do well. For instance, any time a player makes the clock’s hands move a notch closer to midnight, Rudy would shout, “Stay away from my clock!” As a sweet revenge, players does have the option of getting back at Rudy by hitting him with the pinball or shooting it into his mouth while he was talking (a tricky shot, but one worth 250,000 points).

This FunHouse Pinball Machine is in very nice condition and we have just completed a full reconditioning job to this machine. The cabinet has been sanded smooth and a new set of cabinet decals have been applied as well as new siderails, legs, leg levelers and leg bolts. The coindoor has been repainted.

We have just thoroughly shopped this machine. Playfield was stripped of all components on the top side and was thoroughly cleaned and polished. New clear playfield posts & rubber rings installed, new balls and all illumination on this game has been upgraded to super, premium non-ghosting LED’s. This upgrade looks much better, the LED’s last longer and they put less strain on the electronics of the pinball as they consume less energy. Cliffy protectors installed at the scoop holes.

Both alphanumeric displays are nice and bright and have no issues.

Playfield comes installed with factory mylar protecting the majority of the playfield preventing it from wear, whoever it does show some wear in the non-mylared areas. There are also a couple decorative playfield plastics that are chipped, but these in no way effect game play, but we felt it was worth noting to any perspective buyer. All in all, for being 30 years old this is a BEAUTIFUL looking example of FunHouse Pinball Machine.

FunHouse has been thoroughly gone over by our technician team who have over 30 years combined experience servicing pinball machines. This pinball machine is functioning 100% and is ready to be enjoyed in your home and includes a 30 day warranty on the electronics.

This is the one to own! FunHouse is a very sought after pinball machine that doesn’t last very long in our inventory. Don’t delay!

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