Year: 1965

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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Flipper Pool Pinball Machine *

Flipper Pool is a classic Gottlieb pinball and it is one of the best of the wedge head era.

It is a rare game with only 700 units ever produced.

The theme is billiards and the play is pure classic pinball.

This electro-mechanical pin features 2 flippers, 3 pop bumpers,and 7 stand up targets. Two backbox animations. At start of game all pool balls illuminate on the pool table in the backglass and all mechanical balls reset out of view. As player hits the lit pool ball targets on the playfield the corresponding ball lights on the backglass turn off and the mechanical ball comes into view in the backbox.

Terrific backbox animation on this great classic pinball machine.

This is the Add-A-Ball version to its replay counter part Bank-A-Ball.
Law enforcement at the time believed that pinball machines could be viewed as a gambling device by awarding replays (free games). Thus pinball manufactures came out with Add-A-Ball versions of pinballs such as Flipper Pool, to where the player is awarded additional balls to play…as opposed to free games.

Beautifully restored by an expert in the business, this game has had just about everything redone including the installation of a new reproduction backglass, all playfield metal has been re-chrome plated, and the cabinet professionally refinished to factory original with correct webbing.

Original pinball legs still have a nice finish to them. New coindoor and entry plate installed.

This game plays great and needs absolutely nothing besides a nice corner in your home gameroom and to be the center piece of conversation.

As with all of our games it includes a 30 day parts/labor warranty.