Year: 1961

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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Flipper Fair Pinball Machine *

Sold to us from a collector that was down sizing. We come to you with this hard to find, highly collectible Add-A-Ball Wedge Head Electro-Mechanical Pinball Machine, Flipper Fair

Note worthy history on Add-A-Ball Pinball Machines.
Flipper Fair is an Add-A-Ball Pinball Machine.
In the early days of pinball, law enforcement believed that pinball machines could be viewed as a gambling device by awarding replays (free games). Thus pinball manufactures came out with Add-A-Ball Pinball Machines such as Flipper Fair to where the player is awarded additional balls to play as opposed to free games.

Objective to Flipper Fair game play is as follows:
At start of game, all top lanes are lit 1 through 4. Rolling over each top lane lights the corresponding Pop Bumper and advances the matching colored Green or Yellow center lights. Get both of the Green & Yellow center lights at the same level and hit the center target to earn an extra ball.

In addition to the great game play. Flipper Fair has backbox animation. Each time an Extra Ball is earned the clown in the backglass throws the ball to the other hand.

This 1961 classic pinball is in pretty nice condition all around. Exterior chrome has been polished to a high shine. New lockbar end caps, replay and flipper buttons as well as new beehive shooter housing installed. Playfield on this game is in excellent condition and has been thoroughly cleaned and polished. New rubber rings and #47 bulbs installed throughout as well as a new pinball. Cabinet looks great and we have made some minor touch ups to the cabinets exterior.  Althought the backglass still presents well, it does show some paint loss along the outer edges. In addition to the cosmetic refurbishment we have done to this game our technician that specializes in electro-mechanical pinball machines has went through this game from top to bottom bulletproofing, cleaning and adjusting all aspects of this game in an effort to give you a fun and reliable pinball machine for years to come.

As with all of our pre-owned pinball machines. Flipper Fair includes a 30 day parts/labor warranty from date of purchase.

Rare opportunity to own this very collectible, great looking pinball machine from the 1960’s. The new owner will be very happy with this game!

Optional Upgrade:
Reproduction Flipper Fair Backglass $400
– Should the newer owner want absolute perfection with this game. A High Quality Reproduction Skill Screened backglass is available for Flipper Fair. Reproduction backglass is true to the original and would make this game look practically brand new!