Year: 1970

Manufacturer: Gottlieb

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Flip A Card Pinball Machine *

This is a 1970 vintage one player game that features a card playing theme and it has 2 flippers, 3 Pop Bumpers and 7 Targets. This style of single player electro-mechanical pinball machines is know as a “Wedge Head” because of it’s unique cabinet backbox shape. Gottlieb was most known for making some of the best electro-mechanical pinball machines throughout the 1950’s thru 70’s and it goes to show in this fun classic pinball.

This game was obtained from a local customer and it is in very nice condition.

We have shopped this game by polishing the playfield, replacing all rubber and
replacing all bulbs.

All functions are working perfectly and checked by a pinball technician.

Includes a 30 day parts and labor warranty.