Year: 1985

Manufacturer: Bally/Midway

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Fireball Classic Pinball Machine *

You can’t keep a good thing down.
Restored! Beautiful example 

Released in 1985, Fireball Classic is a re-vamp to one of Bally’s most iconic and collectible pinball machines from the early 70’s, Fireball.

Fireball Classic boasts the same playfield layout as its earlier predecessor with its challenging skill-shot, spinning playfield disk, mushroom bumpers, captive holes and multi-ball feature….but with a more modern charm with solid state electronics and classic 80’s synthesized sound effects.

We have just completed a full restoration on this game which includes the following:
– Cabinet sanded and filled of any blemishes, brand new cabinet decals installed
– New Red T-Molding
– New Side Rails
– New Legs, Levelers and Leg Bolts
– New Silkscreened Backglass
– Playfield Shopped out with new rubber rings and balls
– All game illumination upgraded to premium non-ghosting LED’s
– New Lamp Driver PCB
– All new LED Score Displays
– New Instruction & Pricing Cards

Fireball Classic is in excellent condition and probably one of the nicest ones left on the planet. The playfield looks great and is protected by factory mylar over the majority of the playfield which has preserved the playfield well over the years.

Fireball Classic has a new Ultimate MPU board installed, these are much more reliable than the factory MPU boards as it will never leak acid like the original boards are prone too.

Fireball Classic has been fully serviced and checked out by our lead technician and needs absolutely nothing except a corner in your home gameroom where it will become the focal point.

As with all of our pre-owned games, Fireball Classic includes a 30 day warranty on the electronics.

This is the one to own!