Year: 1984

Manufacturer: Bally/Midway

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Eight Ball Deluxe Pinball Machine*

“Quit talkin’ and start chalkin’….”

Who doesn’t remember this classic Bally Pinball Machine from the early 80’s? Considered one of the most desirable machines from the era for its fantastic game play and iconic synthesized sound and speech, Eight Ball Deluxe is the one to own. The rules are easy to understand, but challenging to master. Players compete against each other shooting for either solid or strip pool ball drop targets. Knock all of yours targets down first and “Make the 8 Ball….corner pocket” for your chance to spell DELUXE for replays and big bonus.

This beautiful example of Eight Ball Deluxe has just went through our restoration process and the new buyer will be very pleased with this game. Original mirrored backglass is excellent condition with no signs of lifting, flaking, etc. Original cabinet is in outstanding condition and has had a few minor blemishes expertly touched up with color matched paint. Original playfield is protected for the most part by factory mylar that has preserved and protected the playfield for many years. Playfield does show couple minor wear spots in some of the non-mylar protected areas, but still displays extremely well.

Restoration work includes the following:
– All posts, plastics, etc. removed from top side of playfield. Entire playing surface cleaned and polished and new rubber rings, ball installed.
– All underside playfield assemblies and lamp inserts cleaned and checked for proper operation.
– New Silkscreened & Clear Plastic Set Installed
– Repainted legs, new Leg Levelers and new Leg Bolts
– All exterior and playfield metal buffed and polished
– All illumination lighting upgraded LED’s
– New Drop Targets, Pop Bumper Caps and Skirts
– Brand new Auxiliary Lamp Driver Board, Lamp Driver Board, Solenoid Driver Board and new MPU. New MPU no longer uses a NiCad battery for memory retention. The new MPU board uses a memory backup capacitor, that will never leak acid and damage the board like the original NiCad batteries were prone to do on the original board!
– New instruction & replay cards
– New flipper bats

Included with this game are the keys and locks for the backbox and coindoor.

All components have been fully checked over and adjusted by our lead technician & includes a 30 day warranty on the electronics.

Eight Ball Deluxe needs absolutely nothing other than a corner in your homeroom gameroom where it will be the focal point of the room. This highly highly sought pin is very hard to come by especially one like this in such remarkable condition.

We’ve had a few Eight Ball Deluxe over the years and these games go out almost as soon as they come in. If interested don’t delay as we don’t except this one to last long either.