Manufacturer: Namco/Nintendo

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Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Jr/Mario Bros Arcade Game *

Available now is this beautiful pre-owned Combo Arcade Game. The game was barely ever used as you can see by its remarkable condition.

It features 3 classic 80’s hit arcade games:
– Donkey Kong
– Donkey Kong Jr.
– Mario Bros

Easy to navigate on screen menu lets players chose by moving the joystick which game they would like to play before pressing START. Each game plays faithful to its original arcade versions with the addition of High Score Save. Meaning even after being powered down it saves the High Scores for each game, unlike the originals where High Scores wiped whenever the game was turned off.

This commercial quality built arcade game is licensed by Namco/Nintendo and would be the perfect edition to your home gameroom or Kid’s Youth Center. This is NOT one of those cheap “put it together” Arcade1Up games. This is the real deal!

This Combo Game features a beautiful 19″ CRT monitor with a nice bright crisp picture. PLEASE NOTE: This game is for FREE PLAY only and does not accept money.

WARRANTY: This pre-owned arcade game includes our 30 day warranty on the electronic and mechanical components.