Year: 1982

Manufacturer: Atari

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Dig Dug Arcade Game *

Original survivor in great condition!

This is not a reproduction or Arcade1Up….this is the real deal from Atari released in 1982, Dig Dug. The player controls Dig Dug to defeat all enemies per stage, by either inflating them to bursting or crushing them underneath rocks. It may seem easy to do at first…but with each level it gets more and more challenging.

We recently acquired this from a private residence where it has spent the better part of its life in private home ownership. This game is in GREAT SHAPE. This game is all original and the sideart and control panel overlay are in outstanding condition. There is no swelling or moisture damage along the bottom edges of the cabinet which is quite typical for vintage Atari arcade games as their cabinets are made of pressboard.

For being 40 years old, this game is impressive.  Original 19″ color CRT monitor was recently rebuilt and has a nice, bright crisp picture and the tube shows no screen burn, another typical issue that older arcade games are prone to have from excessive use in arcades.

We have installed a FREE PLAY/HIGH SCORE SAVE kit on the motherboard of this game. Neither of these technologies were available on this game back in 1982, but they have been added to this game so you’ll have your bragging rights for achieving the high score and becoming the DIG DUG Champion!

As with all of our pre-owned games, Dig Dug includes a 30 day warranty on the electronics.