Price: $4995

Year: 1994

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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Demolition Man Pinball Machine

Demolition Man is based on the hit movie starring Sylvester Stallone, Wesley Snipes and Sandra Bullock. The game is known for its highly complex ramps and habitrails, and the Cryoclaw that dominates the upper left corner of the playfield. This game is all about combos and keeping the ball moving. Demolition Man features soundtrack and movie quotes from the motion picture as well as multi-ball and a variety of different modes of play.

We acquired this game from a home owner that purchased it several years back and we’re sure it spent some time commercially early on before residing in home ownership. Since taking into our store we have completely went through this game from top to bottom cleaning it and getting it running in tip top shape. Overall it’s a nice looking Demolition Man that most anyone would be happy to own. The playfield is in great shape and shows only a couple small wear spots over a couple inserts. This wear in no way effects game play, but should be noted to any prospective buyer.

We have installed brand new backbox side art on the cabinet and some minor touch-ups were done on the exterior of the cabinet. We have replaced several decorative playfield plastics that were either chipped or cracked and a new San Angeles Police Car has been installed. Demolition Man has just been thoroughly shopped out on the playfield. By that we mean we have removed all components (ramps, plastics, posts and assemblies) from the top side of the playfield and thoroughly cleaned and polished the playing surface. All new rubber rings and balls installed. We have upgraded all lighting in this game to high quality, premium non-ghosting LED’s. These LED’s look better, last longer and they consume less energy which puts less strain on the electronics of the pinball machine.

All functions have been checked by our technician staff for proper operation.

Game includes our 30 day warranty on the electronics.

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