Year: 2008

Manufacturer: Stern Pinball, Inc.

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CSI Pinball Machine *

Stern Pinball, Inc. solves another mystery with the new CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION pinball machine. Designed by Pat Lawlor Design and Stern Pinball, the CSI pinball machine adapts CBS’s original Las Vegas-based CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION television series into a pinball machine. This low production game produced by Stern Pinball will give hours of entertainment to both fans of the CSI television show and pinball fans alike.

We have recently taken this game in by it’s original home owner who purchased it new. The condition is stunning!  This game is Home Use Only (HUO). Home Use Only means that it has only been played and enjoyed in it’s previous owners residence. It has never been operated commercially in an arcade, bar or family entertainment center which goes to show from the remarkable condition it is in. You would be hard pressed to find a much nicer looking example of this title right here. It practically looks and plays like it’s brand new….but it not, nor do we claim that it is.

Since taking CSI into our shop we have done a full tear down shop out on the game. All ramps, plastics, posts, etc. have been removed from the top side of the playfield. The entire playing surface has been cleaned and polished along with the ramps and plastics. New rubber rings have been installed as well as new carbon steel balls. All under cabinet assemblies and lamp inserts have been cleaned. Finally we upgraded all of the games playfield illumination with premium non-ghosting LED’s. These LED’s look brighter, last longer than the original factory incandescent bulbs and they consume less energy.

Our technician has went through this machine to adjust and/or repair all lamps, switches and assemblies for proper operation and the latest software has been installed on this game (Firmware version 2.4)


CSI is a well taken care of pre-owned Pinball Machine and it includes our 30 day warranty on the mechanical & electronic components on the game.

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