Year: 2019

Manufacturer: Suncoast Pinball

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Cosmic Carnival Pinball Machine *


Welcome to the Cosmic Carnival!

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Cosmic Carnival the newest pinball machine from Suncoast Pinball features art by award-winning pinball artist Dirty Donny (Metallica, Aerosmith, Pabst Can Crusher), music by critically acclaimed composer Bart Hendrickson, SFX and voice-overs by award-winning composers and sound engineers Theo Green and Czarina Russel.

Made in the great traditions of classic old school pinball machines but with a modern twist! A fun to play but challenging pinball machine that takes you on a wild cosmic journey through an intergalactic roller coaster ride of fun. The game includes multiple toys for an adrenaline filled journey through the cosmos. It’s an exciting time in the galaxy of fun! Take a journey across space to a parallel universe where beings from across the galaxies are drawn to the lights and spectacles of the main attraction. Take the controls and help either Wrath the Cosmic Clown or Talos the Ringleader win control of the greatest show in the universe. Are you ready for the fast playing action of……. Cosmic Carnival?

Features :
– 15.6 inches LCD Screen
– RGB LCD Playfield Lighting
– Rich Smooth Audio
– Color Digitally Printed Solid Wood Cabinet
– Made in the USA
– State of the art premium clear-coat playfield technology
– Original cosmic artwork
– 2 Unique Dual Winding & Twisting Fun House Ramps
– Center Scoop
– 3 Pop Bumpers
– Unique Inner Lane
– 2 & 3 Ball Multi-Ball

30 Days Parts & Labor Warranty
6 Months Mechanical Parts Warranty
12 Months Electronics warranty