Year: 1986

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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Comet Pinball Machine *

Comet is a thrill ride of a pinball with great layout and super ramp action. The first in a series of rollercoaster themed pins by Williams, Comet remains a game room top pick.

A skeeball like ramp awards a the first ever 1 Million Points if you are skilled enough to make it.

Comet does show a small amount of playfield wear in the high traffic areas such as the top lanes and pop bumper area. There is also some lifting of the silkscreen artwork at the bottom edge of the backglass. Neither of these issues effect game play in anyway…but should be noted to the prospective new buyer. These are things to be expected for a popular pinball machine that is now 32 years old.

The playfield has been cleaned and polished and all rubber bands have been replaced. Brand new old stock Comet ramp installed, new Dunk the Dummy plastic as well as new target decals throughout the playfield. In addition we have upgraded all #555 & #47 light bulbs on the playfield and backglass to color matching LED’s. These look so much better, last longer and consume far less energy than standard incandescent bulbs.

To top the game off we have upgraded all of the score displays throughout this game to XPIN LED displays. These score displays look faithful to the original and are said to last a lifetime. In addition these new displays run off of 5 volts unlike the original high voltage (200 volts!) displays…thus putting less strain on the games Power Supply pcb.

Comet looks and plays great! Our full time pinball technician has went through this machine top to bottom and ensured that all lamps, switches, coils and assemblies work as they should.

Includes 30 day warranty on the electronics.

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