Year: 1981

Manufacturer: Bally

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Centaur Pinball Machine *


Available now is this stunning example of one of Bally’s greatest pinball machines from the early 80’s, CENTAUR. Destroy the ORBS targets and collect multiball with the menacing reverb vocalized speech and synthesized sound effects. Centaur is a very challenging game as targets must be hit in order, to unleash the ORBS. Such a great game and considered by many pinball enthusiasts to be one of Bally Pinball’s very best from the era.

This game comes to us from a long time pinball collector that is thinning his collection. Several years back he restored this game and it still looks great today. Cabinet is all original with a few minor touch-ups here and there. He did a few minor touchups on the playfield and then clearcoated the playfield with 6 coats of polyurethane and the playfield looks stunning! Brand new old stock plastic set installed throughout the playfield, new pop bumper caps as well as he installed all new drop targets throughout the playfield at that time. NOTE: The backglass is original and in excellent condition, but does have a scratch over Centaur’s face, see pic. I’m sure it could be lightly touched up, but we prefer to keep it original and intact.

Since taking into our store we have thoroughly cleaned and polished the playing surface and installed all new rubber rings throughout the playfield.  A brand new Altek Ultimate MPU has been installed to replace the often faulty original MPU board. This board is brand new, modern technology with built in memory back up, NO MORE LEAKY NiCad Battery!

In addition this game has been personally autographed by the games designer Jim Patla as well as the game artist, Paul Faris.

Centaur has been thoroughly gone through by our technician team and is working like a champ and needs nothing! The word, rare is so often overused, but this game is truly a rare piece, especially in the amazing condition that it is in. Centaur is a highly desirable and collectible pinball machine and the first one of these that has came through our store in over a decade. This is the one to own!