Year: 1980

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

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Blackout Pinball Machine *

Blackout is pure classic pinball! It has everything you would want in an early 80’s Pinball Machine including spinners, pop bumpers, drop targets, stand up targets, kick out hole and those classic pinball sounds with speech.

This example of this title is in AMAZING condition and has been well preserved. We acquired this from a collector who has had owned it for over 30 years and the condition goes to show.

Since we took ownership of this Blackout we have thoroughly cleaned & polished the playfield from top to bottom, replaced all rubber rings and upgraded all the machines #44 bulbs to LED lighting. These LED’s look so much better over incandescent bulbs, last longer and put less strain on the electronics of the pinball.

Our technician with over 20 years in the business has went through this machine to make sure all aspects of Blackout are working properly to ensure you will receive a great working pinball machine when you receive it.

This is a rare opportunity to find a Blackout Pinball Machine in this nice condition. This machine will not last long!