Year: 2002

Manufacturer: Incredible Technologies

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Big Buck Hunter II Sportsman’s Paradise *

“Welcome to Big Buck Hunter….let’s go huntin”

From the developers of the #1 selling video-hunting game of all time comes the sequel to the original Big Buck Hunter, Big Buck Hunter II Sportsman’s Paradise. Up to 4 players can participate. Select from different treks in the United States and play various bonus rounds between the different treks.

This game has been tested and works great. We have just repaired the games original 25″ CRT monitor and it has a great picture with bright vivid colors. The overhead marquee dot matrix display works great…but is hard to get a pic of with an Iphone as the display strobes…which is not visible to the naked eye, but our camera pics it up.

This is a commercial arcade game that includes locks and keys for the coin and cash door. Although we have this game currently set to FREE PLAY, it does include working coin mechs and dollar bill acceptor and can be changed back very easily to Pay to Play in the games on screen adjustment menu.

This pre-owned arcade game includes our 30 day warranty on the electronic and mechanical components of the machine.