Year: 1995

Manufacturer: Sega Pinball, Inc.

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Batman Forever Pinball Machine *


Join up with Batman and Robin in this exciting pinball machine brought to you by Sega Pinball based on the blockbuster hit movie, Batman Forever! With Sega’s exclusive team play, Batman and Robin can pair up against Two-Face and The Riddler!

Your crime fighting reflexes will have to be razor sharp to get to the top of the tower! Make the wrong move and it’s curtains for the Dark Knight! Batman Forever features everything that makes pinball fun with various ramp shots, pop bumpers, drop targets, multi-ball play and a moving Batwing that you as a player control where the ball fires.

We recently acquired this pinball machine from a individual where it has spent most of its life in private home ownership. The condition of this machine is stunning and you’d be hard pressed to find a much nicer looking example of this title. The game play is great on this game and its oversized Dot Matrix Display is working flawlessly, nice and bright with no missing rows or columns.

We have just completed a full tear down refurbishment on this pinball. A few minor blemishes were expertly touched up on the cabinet. Next everything was removed from the top side of the playfield. All ramps, posts and decorative plastics have been cleaned, new rubber rings and balls installed and the entire playing surface has been cleaned and polished to a high shine. We have thoroughly cleaned all underside playfield assemblies, subways and mechanisms as well as all lamp inserts. All lighting on this machine has been upgraded to premium non-ghosting LED lights. These LED’s look brighter, last longer and consume less energy than standard incandescent light bulbs.

All aspects of this games functionality have been checked out by our technician team and work great!

Batman Forever includes our 30 day warranty which includes parts and labor on this beautiful pre-owned pinball machine.

We haven’t had one of these come through our store in over 5 years and this is a beautiful example of Batman Forever. Hurry! As this Batman Forever will be gone before you know it!


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