Year: 1983

Manufacturer: Bally/Midway

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Baby Pac-Man Arcade/Pinball Game *

Here is a unique game that is becoming hard to find. What’s better than having a pinball or an arcade? How about having both in 1 game.

Baby Pac-Man is a unique game that was released in 1983 to follow along the series of Pac-Man arcade games. The object of Baby Pac-Man is to control Baby Pac-Man on the arcade game monitor like you would on any Pac-Man game by eating all the pellets to clear the map and advance to the next screen. The catch is there are NO power pellets to turn the ghosts blue on the map…they must be earned while playing the pinball portion of the game. In order to do this while playing the video game, make Baby Pac-Man enter the tunnels at the bottom of the screen to enter the pinball playfield. Here Baby Pac-Man must collect power pellets, fruit bonuses, advance tunnel speed and extra Baby’s before returning back to the arcade game portion of the game. Baby Pac-Man is quite challenging to say the least. Don’t let the name fool you, Baby Pac-Man is probably one of the most difficult games to master …but trust us, you’ll play it again and again.

This game was acquired from a local collector and its been well taken care of. The cabinet has a few bumps and bruises you would come to expect for a 35 years old. New side art has been applied on the cabinet as well as new control panel overlay, new buttons and new t-molding around the perimeter of the cabinet. The original 13″ CRT monitor has been rebuilt and the picture is bright and crisp. Baby Pac-Man’s pinball playfield is protected by factory mylar and is in remarkable condition. The playing surfaces was recently shopped out meaning all components on the top side were removed and the playing surface was cleaned and polished. Brand new blue star playfield posts were install as well as new rubber rings, drop targets with custom decals and new ball. All playfield illumination has been upgraded with high quality LED’s…and they look stunning.

The games Vidiot Board has been upgraded with all new potentiometers and the pinball board has been upgraded to a new Ultimate MPU which will provide you years of trouble free entertainment…and no leaky batteries (like what was originally in the game).

This is a definitely a unique piece we don’t come across often. Hurry as we don’t anticipate this lasting in our inventory very long.