Year: 2021

Manufacturer: Stern Pinball, Inc.

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Avengers: Infinity Quest (Pro) Pinball Machine – Pre-Owned


Just reacquired from a local customer that we sold this to is this AMAZING looking and playing, one owner, “Home Use Only” Avengers: Infinity Quest (Pro) Pinball Machine with extremely low plays (currently less than 200 total Plays). This game is practically brand new….but it isn’t. Home Use Only, meaning that the game has only been enjoyed in the previous owners private residence. This game has never been operated commercially in an arcade, bar, restaurant etc. to earn revenue. Which goes to show for this games remarkable “like new” condition.

Avengers: Infinity Quest Pinball Machine has now been retired from Stern Pinball’s production schedule. Here is a great opportunity to get one while you still can and you can save hundred’s of dollars due to this game being gently used.

This game has been checked out by our technician team and it’s working great with no issues and is ready to be enjoyed by its new owners. Latest game code installed as well as the Stern Factory Service Service Kit which protects the decorative plastics behind the Dr. Strange spinning disk from getting damaged, which is quite common for this game.

This pre-owned pinball machine includes our 30 Day Warranty covering Labor and Mechanical and Electronic Parts.


What’s the difference between the Pro, Premium & Limited Edition Models of The Avengers: Infinity Quest Pinball? Click here to see the Feature Matrix Chart.

For over 50 years the Avengers have delighted fans through comic books, television series and movies.  In this pinball adventure, players will transform into their favorite Super Heroes as they battle Thanos and his minions across the cosmos.  On his unrelenting quest for intergalactic omnipotent power, it’s a race to hunt down and recover the six Infinity Gems before Thanos gets his hands on them.  It’s up to the player to stop Thanos and the Black Order from succeeding in this action-packed pinball experience.

The Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models all feature an interactive Dr. Strange spinning kinetic sling ring disc with dual direction velocity detection, aiding players on their journey to opening portals and starting Infinity Gem quests.  All models feature a gravity defying Avengers Tower magnetic lock ramp with gravitational vari-target and magnet hold, capturing pinballs in midair as players unlock Iron Man Multiball.  In addition to distinct hand-drawn artwork, all models feature an Avengers Computer Bingo grid 3-target drop bank, a Thor captive ball, Hulk spinning target, custom intricate wireform ramps, and 3 full size flippers.

Complementing the immersive theme and exciting gameplay experience, Stern Pinball’s powerful SPIKE™ electronics hardware system enables high-definition graphics and innovative animations on the high-definition video display.  SPIKE™ reduces system complexity and energy usage resulting in enhanced reliability and simplified servicing.  The state-of-the-art electronic system also powers a high-fidelity 3-channel audio system that is three times more powerful than audio systems of previous generations.

Optional Upgrades:

–The Avengers: Infinity Quest Backbox Topper – $750
Official Avengers: Infinity Quest Pinball topper features a fully interactive RGB LED lighting that will elevate any Avengers: Infinity Quest Pinball playing experience to the next level. Easy install. Fits all Avengers: Infinity Quest game models.

–The Avengers: Infinity Quest Inner Cabinet Artblades – $100/$130 Installed
Custom designed, artistic inside art panels that add dimension to the pinball playfield area. Fits Pro & Premium models.

–The Avengers: Infinity Quest Side Armor Kit  –$250/$300 Installed
Officially Avengers: Infinity Quest Side Armor kit.  Fit’s Pro & Premium Models.

–The Avengers: Infinity Quest Custom Shooter Rod – $180/$210 Installed
Officially Licensed Avengers: Infinity Quest Shooter Knob and Rod. Fits all Pro, Premium, and Limited Edition models.

–Headphone Jack – $100/$130 (Installed)
Stern SPI headphone and audio jack interface accessory kit for Stern SPIKE 2 system games. Replaces USA and Australian coin door bill acceptor plate.

– Anti-Reflective Playfield Glass – $240
High Definition anti-reflection pinball glass with Conservation Grade UV Protection. Along with its nearly invisible finish, it effectively blocks up to 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays. Fits all standard width Pinball games.

– Shaker Motor – $110/$150 Installed
Make your game rumble with a shaker motor!  These factory motors are programmed specifically to interact with player in certain modes of the game to make your game rumble and come to life! Adds a whole new level of game play.