Year: 1980

Manufacturer: Atari

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Asteroids Deluxe Arcade Game *

This is the sequel to Atari smash hit Asteroids. It’s safe to safe that overall this sequel is better than the original. Asteroids Deluxe has a shield button rather than the hyperspace feature on the original.

In addition, Asteroids Deluxe uses a mirror inside of the cabinet to project the image over a 3-D Asteroid background illuminated with the use of a black light bulb. Collectors agree, Asteroids Deluxe is one of the best looking classic arcade games.

For being 38 years old, this game is in great shape.  Original 19″ Black & White vector monitor has had the high voltage diode replaced. The monitor has a nice crisp picture and the game works great!

As with all of our pre-owned games, Asteroids Deluxe includes a 30 day warranty on the electronics.