Year: 1979

Manufacturer: Atari

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Asteroids Arcade Game *

Considered one of the all-time greatest classic arcade games, Asteroids by Atari from 1979 is the one to own!

In this classic Atari game, your space craft is dangerously situated among fast moving asteroids in an asteroid belt that can destroy your ship on contact.

Armed with a front mounted weapon and the ability to hyperspace, you fly through the debris, destroying each rock one piece at a time. Alien saucers visit the playfield from time to time with an eye towards destroying your ship!

We recently acquired this game from a local home owner where it has spent most of it’s life for the past 30+ years. Since bringing into the shop we have done the following to refurbish this machine:
– Brand new smooth black t-molding installed around the perimeter of cabinet
– Repainted coindoor and touched up some small imperfections on the exterior of the cabinet
– Brand new bulb and starter for marquee illumination
– New coindoor lights
– Brand new white leaf switch push buttons on control panel
– Reflowed connector pins on backside of power supply/AR board and tested for proper output voltage
– Repaired/rebuilt original black & white vector monitor.

This game is original and presents very well and plays great! Original control panel looks amazing with very little wear at all! The original 19″ Black & White vector monitor has a nice, crisp, bright picture. The monitor does exhibit some screen burn in on the picture tube as you would come to expect from a game of this age that spent many hours on in an arcade. The burn in does not effect game play…but it’s there and should be noted.

Asteroids includes our 30 day warranty on the electronics.