Manufacturer: Chicago Gaming Company

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Arcade Legends 25″ Cocktail MultiArcade Game *

The Arcade Legends™ 25 inch cocktail table is the most unique offering in the industry. With a large format screen (most cocktails are 19”), leg clearance for adults and an ergonomic control panel, this is the best designed table ever offered. One of the most unique features is the dual screen mode. Games that are two-players simultaneous, will automatically mirror image the game screen to players allowing games such as Mortal Kombat & Street Fighter II to be played on a cocktail, a feature never before offered by any cocktail table.

Comes with over 120 pre-installed games!

1941 Gunsmoke Saint Dragon
1942 Hat Trick Section Z
1943 Hellfire Side Arms
64th Street Higemaru Side Pocket
Anteater Hoccer Slam Masters
Arlington Horse Racing Hot Shots Tennis Snap Jack
Armored Car Jumping Jack Snow Bros.
Asteroids Kick Rider Snow Bros. II
Asteroids Deluxe King of Dragons SonSon
Astro Invader Knights of the Round Space Duel
Astyanax Lady Bug Space Panic
Avenging Spirit Legendary Wings Speed Ball
Bagman Liberator Speed Coin
Battle Zone Lunar Lander Speed Spin
Berzerk Magic Sword Spiker
Black Tiger Major Havoc Street Fighter
Black Widow Majestic Twelve Street Fighter II Champion Edition
Bombjack Twin Mega Man Street Fighter II Turbo Hyper Fighting
Callipso Mega Twins Street Football
Captain Commando Mercs Street Hoop
Centipede Mini Golf Strider
Commando Missile Command Super Bagman
Super Breakout
Cosmic Avenger Moon Cresta Super Champion Baseball
Crystal Castles Mortal Kombat Super Dodge Ball
Cybattler Mr. Do! Super Doubles Tennis
Demon’s World Mr. Do’s Castle Super Pierot
Do Run Run Mr. Do’s Wild Ride Super Strike Bowling
EDF Nova 2001 Tag Team Wrestling
Exed Exes Out Zone Tazz-Mania
Final Fight P-47 Tekhan World Cup
Frenzy Penguin Wars Thief
Three Wonders
Gimme a Break Phoenix Trojan
Ghosts’n Goblins Pipi & Bibi’s Truxton II
Ghouls’n Ghosts Pinball Action V-Ball
Gridiron Fight Pinbo Varth
Goal ’92 Quiz & Dragons Vulgus
Goalie Ghost Red Baron WWF Superstars
Golden Tee Golf Ring King WWF Wrestlefest
Golden Tee Golf II Rod Land Yankee Do
 Gravitar  Saboten Bombers Zero Wing

This game is intended for home use, and can only be set to FREE PLAY. This game can not be set to coin operation.

Dimensions: 48″ x 26″ x 34″    Weight: 200 lbs.

This game is in great physical condition as we purchased it from it’s original owner. It has a bright, crisp 25″ CRT monitor.

Includes 30 day warranty on the mechanical and electronic components.