Year: 1990

Manufacturer: Bally

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Dr. Dude & His Excellent Ray Pinball Machine

Funny pinball and a hard to find game in this condition.

Traded to us by a local homeowner, this game is in great condition from the cabinet to the playfield. The colors of the cabinet are bright and not faded as is common for this title.

We have upgraded this game by installing new Pin LED score displays.

Additionally, we have upgraded the lighting by changing all of the # 555 and # 47 incandescent bulbs to LEDs. The look is spectacular and the game reliability enhanced.

Machine has been meticulously went through from top to bottom. Full playfield tear down including cleaning and polishing the top and underside of playfield, cleaning plastics, installation of new rubber rings and LED’s as stated above. Electronics have been bulletproofed for trouble free operation by a pinball technician.

We will warranty the electronic PCBs for 30 days.